Citizen Abroad and Trowbridge Have Merged Operations

As of October 19, Citizen Abroad Tax Advisors and Trowbridge Professional Corporation have merged operations. Our combined tax and advisory teams, led by Trowbridge, remain committed to providing exceptional cross-border tax services to Canadian and US clients offering more extensive service offerings in the areas of international and cross-border tax, global mobility and estate and trust planning.

About Citizen Abroad

With more than 40 years of experience in expatriate tax services and an in-depth understanding of Canadian and U.S. tax law, our tax accountants can prepare appropriate and accurate disclosures for most personal expatriate tax returns—and, in doing so, help take the stress and complexity out of tax filing for Canadians and Americans who live or work outside their home country.

Personalized service

We don’t just process tax returns: we build relationships. At Citizen Abroad, we strive to ensure you work with the same tax advisory team every year. This means we get to know your unique needs and circumstances—and the tax issues that affect you most.

Specialized knowledge

Expat tax returns often require calculations and disclosures that can be overlooked by domestic tax accountants. Our team is specifically trained and licensed to handle cross-border and expatriate tax returns. We know exactly what income tax forms are required and how to prepare them.

We are You

With many of the team being expatriates ourselves, we understand that tax is just part of your overall situation while you relocate or work abroad. We use this firsthand knowledge and experience in our approach to explaining and providing direction regarding your tax planning and preparation.

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Anytime – anywhere access

We know the importance of digitally working with and storing key documents for tax purposes when you are on the go and relocating. Our convenient secure, online client portal lets you upload all the information we need to prepare your tax return—any time and from any location, whether you’re at home or on the road. Existing clients can also access tax returns in PDF format through our portal using any Internet-connected device.

Secure Data

We take the privacy and security of your personal information very seriously, always storing your files in data centres with bank-level security, and using industry leading programs and document management systems.

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Why choose Citizen Abroad Tax Advisors for your expatriate tax return?

With us, Tax is personal

For all clients, we provide comfort and peace of mind ensuring all of their tax compliance requirements are met with the Essentials Plan.

For Essentials Plan+ clients, we’re quick to identify areas of opportunity in your current tax year for reducing your overall tax burden along with identifying financial risk and exposure that may require the expertise of other qualified professionals.

In addition to addressing their expatriate tax compliance and current year advisory needs, our Comprehensive Plan clients have access to our network of legal, investment and other tax professionals ensuring overall financial, estate and will-planning needs are met.

With our Comprehensive Plan clients, we look at the ever evolving economic and taxation systems, your business and your family status and ensure that your financial affairs match your future plans. 

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Meet our advisors

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional, passionate, practical, and here to help you..

More than 40 years of experience in expatriate tax services and an in-depth understanding of Canadian and U.S. tax law.