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For us, tax is personal EssentialsEssentials +Comprehensive
For us, tax is personal

For all clients we provide comfort and peace of mind ensuring that all of their tax compliance requirements are met with the Essentials Plan, you can feel confident that your tax returns and disclosures are complete and in compliance with current income tax law - more info
Compliance & Advisory

For Essentials Plan + clients, our team is quick to identify areas of opportunity in your current tax year for reducing your overall tax burden along with identifying financial risk and exposure that may require the expertise of other qualified professionals - more info
Compliance, Advisory & Planning

In addition to addressing their expatriate tax compliance and current year advisory needs, our Comprehensive Plan clients have access to our network of legal, investment and other tax professionals ensuring overall financial, estate and will-planning needs are met - more info
Canadian Tax Returns
US Federal and State Tax Returns
Basic Foreign Bank and Asset Disclosures (less than 5 items)
Electronic filing of all eligible Tax Returns
Tax Checklist to guide you through assembling all information at tax time and access to our secure portal for easy and encrypted file exchange
Pre-Year End checklist provided to ensure you're not caught by unexpected issues at tax time
Access to a cross border tax advisor who can review your pre-year end and year-end tax checklist and identify to you possible tax issues at time of submission.
Consulting with an experienced cross border tax advisor to provide direction both before year end and during tax preparation to propose issue resolution or optimization of your current year tax results (2 hours)
Access to our extensive network of professionals specializing in cross border immigration, wills and estates, and investment advisory
Assistance on Complex Compliance Matters involving Foreign trusts, Partnerships and Corporations
Cross-border tax planning with senior cross-border tax advisor on current year tax returns or in year of exit or entry (3 hours)
Coordination with your cross-border team of professionals including investment advisors, lawyers and other skilled advisors
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Essentials Plan


With our professional income tax preparation services, you can feel confident that your tax returns and disclosures are complete and in compliance with current income tax law.

Our digital tax process includes an encrypted, easy to use and secure portal and E-filing of all eligible tax returns and disclosures.

Essentials Plan+

Compliance & Advisory

All of the convenience and assurance provided in our Essentials Plan package plus up to 2 hours of tax assistance and advisory regarding your current tax filing year, as well as handling of any post tax filing CRA and IRS standard review or audit queries (for returns prepared by us).

In addition to the above,  our Essentials Plan + package includes extended access to our professional network of cross-border advisors to assist you in building your cross-border expatriate team of investment advisors, lawyers and financial planners.

Comprehensive Plan

Compliance, Advisory & Planning

Includes the services provided in our Essentials Plan + and an additional 3 hours of consultation regarding future tax planning.

Your planning package may include assistance on large transaction support (such as sale of business or property), expatriation or repatriation tax planning,  coordination with other cross-border advisors regarding will and estate planning,  and investment simplification or reallocation with the most desirable tax results in mind.

Add-ons available for any of the above plans: