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Your cross-border tax obligations are important and we’re here to help. See our 4 services below and choose the one that best describes your situation:

Canadians Living or Working Abroad

As a Canadian considering moving or working abroad, it is essential to know how this major life event will affect your residency from a Canadian tax perspective… read more.

US Citizens Living or Working Abroad

US citizens living overseas are required to file US income tax returns regardless of whether or not they have income from US sources or a US tax liability… read more.

Non-Resident Tax Returns and Obligations

If you live outside of Canada or the United States and have employment or business income, rental properties or investments in either of the two countries… read more.

Expatriate Tax Assignment Programs

Whether they have just two or two thousand globally mobile employees—and whether those employees are located in only a few different countries or dozens around the world… read more

Simple. Accessible. Personal. Tax.

Tax is personal. Individual clients have different requirements when it comes to cross-border and expatriate tax. We invite you to select from one of our service packages below based on your needs and expectations or talk to one of our advisors today to determine the plan best suited to you.

Essentials Plan

  • With our professional income tax preparation services, you can feel confident that your tax returns and disclosures are complete and in compliance with current income tax law.

    Our digital tax process includes an encrypted, easy to use and secure portal and E-filing of all eligible tax returns and disclosures.

Essentials Plan +

& Advisory
  • All of the convenience and assurance provided in our Essentials Plan package plus up to 2 hours of tax assistance and advisory regarding your current tax filing year.

    Also includes post tax filing support with CRA and IRS standard review or audit queries, if any, on the returns we prepare for you and extended access to our professional network.

Comprehensive Plan

Advisory & Planning
  • Includes the services provided in our Essentials Plan + and an additional 3 hours of consultation regarding future tax planning.

    Your planning package may include assistance on large transaction support, expatriation or repatriation tax planning, coordination with other cross-border advisors regarding will and estate planning, and investment simplification or reallocation with the most desirable tax results in mind.